MEDICAL MINISTRY: Recipient Responses


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Thank You’s

Many people are thankful for the assistance received. Sometimes they send a special note. We want to share them with you.


  1. Sunday School Supplies for Mountain Church Plant.

September 2007

Volunteer Fire Fighter, PTA Women’s Clinic, Medial Outreaches, Rainbow Orphanage, Care International

  1. 3ml Syringes were used for the Volunteer Fire Fighters’ Tetenus Vaccinations.

  2. ObGYN supplies were donated to be used at a PTA Women’s Clinic.

  3. Many supplies have been set aside for the scheduled, PTA Medical Outreaches.

  4. Nebulizer and Nebulizer Tubing donated to the Rainbow Orphanage.

  5. Donation made to fellow missionaries at Care International here in Dumaguete.  Help supply their daily clinic.

October 2007 From May 2004

La Libertad Cateract/Eye Surgery Clinic

  1. For the last three years we have been donating to the annual LaLibertad Cateract/Eye Surgery Clinic every October.  This is a free clinic for all those who are in need of skilled eye surgery.  Doctors are flown into Dumaguete from Manila by other sponsors of this clinic. On October 22, Jamie spent the day with local Filipino Business people who organize this very needful ministry. 150 people underwent either cataract or other eye surgeries to have their vision restored.

March 2012 from June 2007

Elderly Assistance

  1. It came to our attention that another elderly woman needed colostomy supplies and a blood pressure cuff. What a blessing to share what the Lord has provided!

May 2012 from June 2011

Lifegiver Christian Academy

  1. Supplies for their Chemistry and Physics labs were donated in May 2012. These were used during our children’s homeschooling.

  2. Medical supplies have been donated in both 2011 and 2012 for the schools First Aid Station.