The website for The Martins. A missionary family serving in the Philippines.


Medical Ministry Background

    Before moving to the Philippines in 2003, a small group of us from our home church were already collecting medical supplies and helping to distribute them to locations around the world through the travels of short-term mission teams from fellow churches. Now as missionaries in the Philippines we can be on the giving end of the ministry while our friends in Rochester continue the gathering and transporting of supplies.

    Donated supplies are primarily gathered from a nonprofit organization called Intervol. In the US, when hospitals or clinics shut down or change ownership, new and unused medical supplies were usually sent to the landfill. When patients had supplies allocated to them for use during their hospital stays, if they went unused, these supplies were generally not returned to inventory but were sent to the landfill as well. Intervol was begun to recover and reuse these items that can still be used in many places around the world. From Intervol we obtain items that have a long shelf life or do not expire: bandages, syringes, I.V. supplies, sutures, crutches and orthopedic supplies, scalpels, scissors, and other surgical tools, to name a few. We also work with doctors and nurses who from time to time have access to new and unused donated medical supplies from former patients or the offices where they work.

    In the government run hospitals here in the Philippines (the Provincial Hospital System) the patients must first obtain medical supplies before the hospital will serve them. Often times our ability to provide even a few items makes a big difference in the level of care a patient can afford. We work hand-in-hand with hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses to ensure that these items are for indigent patients (those who cannot afford them) and that they are not used as a billable item, since they were given for free.


    This is impossible without the hard work of the other team members back in Rochester. They give many hours of their time collecting, sorting, boxing, and funding the delivery of ALL these supplies. We work together as a great big team of people that love to serve the Lord in this ministry of compassion.


    Lastly, but most importantly, all the individuals and agencies we work with, know without a doubt that ALL these supplies come from our Almighty Loving and Gracious Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It is in the NAME of Jesus Christ that all these are given.